At this time, submissions are politely ignored. (as of 11-07-11)

Classical Geek Theatre reviews albums, films, restaurants, and other products. Submission or invitation does not guarantee coverage, but a good faith effort is made to help promote the really awesome stuff that comes across the CGT desk.

For albums, digital downloads are preferred (better for the environment, saves the artist a hard sellable copy) and may be sent to




  • Please do not submit until you have researched CGT’s target content.
  • Ideally, give three weeks notice for album release and live performance dates.
  • Full EP or LP submissions tend to get a better response than single track submissions.
  • Streaming links are difficult for my workflow.
  • I do not own a turntable or cassette player.

For your benefit, and to save you time and energy…

Music I Tend To Review Favorably: I get excited about authentic music that has some teeth. Noisy indie rock (Superchunk, Guided by Voices), Americana Rock (Tom Petty, The Hold Steady), classic punk (Stiff Little Fingers, The Descendents), weird angular punk (Devo, The Mae Shi), and post-punk (Television, Echo and the Bunnymen).

Some: Power-pop (Weezer, Ben Folds), garage rock, shoegaze, fuzzy-crunchy indie pop, hip-hop (the produced works of Dan the Automator and The GZA), and some R&B.

Music I Tend Not To Review Favorably: “Chillwave,” “collectives,” fey indie pop, chamber pop, Afropop, bedroom / coffeehouse singer-songwriter, music of Swedish origin. Also: soulless R&B, club rap, techno, electro, goth rock, mainstream rock radio, metal of all varieties, angsty white guy anything, celebrities-turned-musicians, drug oriented music, and jam bands.

There are always exceptions. Some of my favorites are the exceptions.

I cannot respond to every email. (Truly, I wish I could.) Please consider no response to be a polite “pass”.

Lastly, thank you so much for thinking to submit to CGT. For every hour I put into writing Classical Geek Theatre, artists collectively put in ten hours submitting to the site. I wish I could match your enthusiasm, passion, and hard work.