Coachella 2015 Day 3 Field Report 04-12-15

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Day three of Coachella 2015 was short and mellow for me. My tradition is to leave the fest early, usually as soon as I’ve had my fill, but the lineup on Sunday was so light in the evening for me that I bailed even before the sun even went down.


No One Suspects the Butterfly

The giant caterpillar had metamorphed into a butterfly for day three, but we all saw that coming. It was probably the prettiest day for the grounds, not sure why that was. Probably the dust kicked up in the air for the two days past.

Sunday was the only day where the heat was a bother, and coincidentally, all my Buzz Bands assignments were at the Main or Outdoor Stages during peak heat hours. I think it affected my coverage; I wish I’d had the energy to get closer and dig in more.

Nothing really blew my mind, and on some of my best days of Coachella past, maybe only Built to Spill would have cracked the Top 5 — if that. But everything was pretty good. It was a nice day.

Coachella 2015 Day Three Top 5 

  1. Built to Spill (Buzz Bands coverage) – I don’t care for Built to Spill on record much, but I really loved this set. I think it’s Dough Martsch’s voice, because the live show was much closer to a post-rock sort of thing; it was all about the guitar parts and drums.
  2. Saint Motel – One of only a few times I was compelled to dance all weekend. Saint Motel really brought it on the Main Stage early, with a horn section and a high-kicking precision dance line. I love it when a low-tier act makes the most of a Coachella opportunity. I immediately bought an album from my phone.
  3. Joyce Manor (Buzz Bands coverage) – Loved these guys. Totally for the kids, but sounded much tighter than your prototypical poppy emopunk band. Fun band. Reminded me a bit of Title Fight from a year or two ago.
  4. Ryan Adams (Buzz Bands coverage) – I struggle to write about mellower Americana rock. I went for a gimmicky post on the Buzz Bands writeup, so what’s missing is how great it was just to sit in the grass and enjoy the set. I’m not a convert, but it was a great end of the day for me.
  5. Desaparecidos – Fucking awesome. Weird that Conor Oberst has finally decided to make this band work exactly when post-hardcore and emo is basically at its nadir. Embarrassing confession: I spent the weekend thinking Desaparecidos was a Ben Gibbard side project.

My Other Buzz Bands coverage…

  • The Orwells – I wanted to like The Orwells so bad! Especially because they are on Autumn Tone, and if you can’t trust Justin Gage, who can you trust? But I just couldn’t get into it — not when Cloud Nothings, Parquet Courts, and Joyce Manor all brought awesome punky sets that didn’t insult the audience.
  • Mac DeMarco – I mean, whatever, he was fun but… why is this guy so beloved? Am I missing something? I feel like I must be.

Also from my field notes…

  • Chicano Batman – I love me a good noon set at Coachella. Saw the grounds staff groovin’ to it while they picked up trash.
  • The Cribs – Meh. So much fun for two songs, and then it wore thin. There was so much forward-thinking rock music (Swans, Built to Spill, Parquet Courts) that just rehashing the past wasn’t enough for me.
  • Jenny Lewis – Still not a fan. Not sure why. Blake Sennet came out for a Rilo Kiley song. Okay.
  • My plan was to leave before the sun set and ride the ferris wheel on the way out… you know, just in case it was the last for me. The line for the ferris wheel was so short… but the line for tickets was enormous. If I go next year I’m going to buy ferris wheel tickets in the morning but hold on to them for the sunset hour.




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