Coachella 2015 Day 1 Field Report 04-10-15

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Here we go! Day one of Coachella 2015 was fairly mediocre. That’s okay. They can’t all be mindblowing memory factories! The worst part is I managed to get the Coachella Sinus Infection before gates had even opened. Maybe the Coachella gods are telling me my time at this festival is waning.


Good Morning, beautiful.

This year the scalper’s price for tickets had dropped as low as $100 below face value on Thursday morning, and it feels like it; crowd size is manageable, its behaviors generally pleasant. If this is what “jumped the shark” Coachella is like, I don’t mind.

I didn’t get to camp grounds until 11:00p on Friday night, so I got cast off to Lot 4. It’s much more chill than the Lot 10 insanity I experienced two years ago. My neighbors are nice people. They like bands. I’m encamped 45 seconds from a toilet, but 15 minutes from festival gates. There are no free lunches.

Goldenvoice has been boasting “the largest art budget in Coachella history” all month, but I have to say, you can’t tell. There’s another Roving Giant Bug Thing That Will Transform Over The Weekend. Some mostly forgettable structures. But! The 2013 Power Station Hippos are back with Their Corporate Headquarters! It’s fucking excellent.

As for the music… I just didn’t get to see much I loved. Ride was really, really special… it was also at 5:00p in the afternoon. The time of day was a total buzzkill for a gorgeous set. I still lost myself in the shoegaze clichés… but it could have been so much more, had Coachella only let it. Guess I’ll have to go to that Pomona show…

Coachella 2015 Day One Top 5 

  1. AC/DC (Buzz Bands coverage) – Don’t think my BuzzBands writeup conveys well enough how fun it was. “Shoot to Thrill” was a blast; “She Shook Me All Night Long” a bucket list item. Brian Johnson is fucking hysterical.
  2. Ride – Kind of just wanted to call it a festival and go home after “Polar Bear”
  3. Cloud Nothings (Buzz Bands coverage) – SO GOOD.
  4. Action Bronson – Only caught twenty minutes, still slayed like last time. Dude is a consummate entertainer, and he plays for keeps.
  5. Reverend Horton Heat (Buzz Bands coverage) – I saw him, like, three times in high school. Just as good, pretty much the same.

My Other Buzz Bands coverage…

Also from my field notes…

  • War on Drugs, Tame Impala both “sounded great” and I already can’t remember much about either.
  • Steely Dan was just as godawful unbearable live as on record. What a waste of a set time. Now I know what it feels like to be a Hollywood Bowl subscriber.
  • Interpol has not changed.
  • Positively perfect weather.
  • Charging stations still don’t work.
  • Food eaten so far… machaca breakfast burrito, shredded chicken burrito, coffee ice cream, pork dumplings, popcorn chicken, churro, Cliff bar, chorizo breakfast burrito, banana-coconut fruit smoothie… “Highway to Hell” indeed.
  • I wrote a post for Ghost of a Sabretooth Tiger that went unused on Buzz Bands. Here’s how it went:

Who: The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger on the Outdoor Stage
In Three Words or Fewer: Father Knows Best
Memorable Because: After nearly twenty years of oddball bands and side-projects, Sean Lennon has finally given in to destiny and resigned himself to making music that sounds exactly like the Beatles. The inexorable march of progress! There are worse things to listen to at lunch hour.
What I’d Tell My Friend Who Was Still Waiting An Hour For a Breakfast Burrito: Dude, on the other side of the activities tent, there’s a better burrito with no line.






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