Fakers @ The Satellite 12-29-14

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Just a few quick notes jotted-down on the first-ever show from Fakers, a new band featuring Travis Shettel (the lead guy of Piebald), both Siara Bros (The Henry Clay People), Ben Heywood (the lead guy of local darlings, Summer Darling) and Cameron Dmytryk (Vanaprasta guitarist).

  • LOUD. (seriously)
  • Lot of talent in there. Five guys, all capable of fronting their own band. Each one sang lead on at least one song, three of them on at least two. That was fun.
  • Still very primordial. The sum total of experience from the five members was reflected in the music, which varied greatly in rock genre. (In a good way.)
  • LOUD. (no, really)

Hope they stick around.

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