Collected Thoughts 11-02-09

Horror of Horrors

  • I hate the show Glee. I’ve never seen it but I really hate it.

    For one, it brings-out the worst in my theatre and acting friends. It’s always annoying when someone else likes something, but nothing is more annoying than an actor who has found something new to be excited about. Rent, Wicked, and Avenue Q were previous vessels of this abominadble trait, as were the Will Ferrel cheerleader SNL sketches, Tina Fey, Andy Samberg, and Missy Elliot.

    But Glee is the worst because it is about them. I love my actor friends, but lets face it, one requires a certain amount of self-centeredness to be an actor. The trouble for the rest of us is that the lives of actors are excruciatingly mundane and uninteresting, yet they must cast their boring lives as epic struggles!

    Glee detonates that TNT with the power of television. And jazz hands.

    Also, the show uses the same font as Weezer, which just annoys me more.

  • If you replace the word “actor” in the above rant with the word “blogger” it becomes no less true, save for specific references to Glee, which is not about bloggers.
  • Horror of horrors! KILL IT WITH FIRE.

  • How about ‘dem Colts? That Niners game was a tough one but Indy proved they can win in a mirriad of ways, not just on the strength of Manning’s touchdowniness. Joe Addia TD pass to Reggie Wayne!

    Next up Indy has Houston at home, New England at home (!!!!!!), at Baltimore, at Houston. Indy is gonna drop one or two of those games, but it won’t be New England.