The Henry Clay People @ Replacements Tribute Night at The Satellite 07-19-14

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Our old friends The Henry Clay People have played many last shows. When they amicably split, I privately guessed Joey Siara would return home from Harvard the summer of ’14, and wouldn’t be able to resist an HCP show by November ’14. Seems I was three months too sure of his will.

My friend and commodore Kevin Bronson has written the definitive post on the most recent “last show” that took place this past July. I’ll add just a little.

It happened due to a chance encounter at a taco truck between Joey Siara and Jennifer Tefft, the booker for The Satellite. I’m told the conversation went approximately like this:

“What ‘tribute night’ show would get you guys to play again?”
“Probably none.”
“What about The Replacements?”
“Dammit. Argh. Okay.”

I’m just assuming the Henry Clay People will do this sporadically — a covers night here, a one-off show there — in perpetuity for the near future. They broke up because being a band for a living sucks, not because being a band sucks. Were the universe righteous and true, once a month The Henry Clay People would play a covers night at the Prospector in Long Beach. That’s the Ragnarok they deserve.

Someone start a petition.

The Replacements tribute set was predictably great. The three song HCP originals encore — “Andy Sings!”, “The Honey Love He Sells”, and “Working Part Time” — was indefectible and in perfect measure. Two excellent but not obvious songs followed by the quintessential hit. A sweet reminder of days gone past without looking too far back.

Enough to get drunk on, but not so crocked as to be hungover the next day.


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