Turbo Lightning – “Faster Than Light”

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My biggest band obsession so far in 2014 has been Turbo Lightning. Their creative pedigree is strong; Dana Poblete (Batwings Catwings) sings and Jeff Byron (The Mae Shi, and also BWCW now) plays guitar. Turbo Lighting sounds like a weirdo’s anthemic rock, but under a slight dreampop influence. Poblete sings with introspection, phasing between vulnerability and empowerment. I love blasting this record driving through LA mid-day with my car windows down. It’s recorded for sunshine conditions.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

You can try-and-buy the Faster than Light EP here. My favorite track changes every day. I think I’ve settled on “Crimson Vision”. It’s a love song. Writing a good love song that sounds fresh, sincere, and true is no small thing. I’m told a full-length is in the works.

Turbo Lightning just released a music video for the single, named same as the EP.

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