The Henry Clay People @ Seafood World 12-29-12 / The Henry Clay People @ The Satellite 12-31-12

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The Henry Clay People (and friends) played a show at Seafood World in Westminster, Orange County because I was getting married that day and I asked them to play at the reception. They said yes. It turned out to be their third-to-last show ever. (So far.)

Marrying my wife was the best day of my life. She’s my most precious friend. Many of you put up with my insufferable tweets. I am much worse in real life. She’s a saint for marrying me. I rarely blogged about Mrs. McShane when we were dating because no good can come of that.

We met in November of 2008. On our second date, I took her to Lela Thai and then to see The Movies at Spaceland (I think it was this one.) She went with me to many shows. Our first New Years Eve together in 2008 was to see The Henry Clay People.

So it was special to have Andy, Joey, Eric, and Harris be a part of our wedding. Noah was there too, with his wife. The band played with Andy from The World Record, and Jeremy who you probably know, and Ethan and Jake Gideon. The reception was attended by several hundred people: my family from Indiana, her extended Vietnamese family and their friends, and our friends, plus our coworkers.

But in the back corner by the stage were four tables of people I met writing this blog. The LA indie scene, circa 2007-2010. Bronson was there. Travis came with Eliza. Ashley brought her boy, and boy do I like them together. Koga and Sterling came. Ben Hoste came all the way from Missouri. The Radio Free Silverlake crew showed-up. Some of my musician friends, too. I can’t namecheck everyone.

That little corner was my favorite place at the reception. I booked The HCP for them. Those venerable underground adventurers crawled through dark Silverlake dungeons with me before my wife lit a torch and helped me back above ground and into the sun. Maybe we were all really just bar buddies. Strangers standing next to each other every night. Well, I wanted to honor that part of my life with the best possible party I could throw. It turns out all those people really are my friends.

The boys really exceeded my expectations.

They played “Just Like Heaven” for my wife. They played “Born to Run” for me. Andy Creighton sang on “Fat Bottomed Girls,” which was a gift to my good friend Tony, and it was fucking incredible. I asked the band learn “Donald and Lydia” for my mom and would you believe it she got up stage and sang with them? My mom singing with The Henry Clay People! My friends danced with children and pogoed smiling. Can’t dream a better wedding present.

There’s no reviewing a night like that.

I have a DVD of about 30 minutes of the band playing. I’ll treasure it forever. The Henry Clay People, Live at Seafood World! Can you imagine? It happened.

The Henry Clay People @ Seafood World (Westminster, CA) 12-29-12

The Henry Clay People @ Seafood World (Westminster, CA) 12-29-12

Two days later, my wife and I went and saw The Henry Clay People again. It was the third time in four years we saw them play at The Satellite (FKA Spaceland) on New Years Eve. The first time was special. This would be the last, the only time we stayed until the band walked off the stage. It was supposed to be their last show. Turns out they played one more show, opening for Social Distortion in Orange County, later that month. We spent the end of the night watching from the back, taking it all in.

The Henry Clay People have been my favorite band these last few years. By my rough count I have seen them at twenty three venues in twelve cities. (!) My relationship with their music evolved from blogger to fan to supporter to friend. It was a real honor to catalog so much of their career on this site. I hope I helped spread the Good News. I hope I did more good than harm. I could never repay the debt though.

HCP @ Spaceland 12-31-12

The Henry Clay People @ The Satellite 12-31-12