CGT Road Trip Day 5: Minneapolis, MN to Chicago, IL (02-28-09)

CGT Road Trips
Minnesota 02-28-09

The first order of business, the most important order of business, of the day was to go visit the house seen on the cover of The Replacement’s seminal classic album Let It Be.

Hey Joey? “Are you satisfiiiiieeeed????”

Following that early morning tribute, the caravan hauled-ass on the seven hour drive to Chicago. The path to The Windy City is day a frozen hell conceived from the harsh imagination of Odin, a veritable penguin paradise. Our march was not for mating, but for rock music. Morgan Freeman did not narrate. If only!

Wisconsin was classic Americana terrain. Is it cheesy to say so?

Mouse at the Cheese Chalet.

Moo. Forever.

Henry Clay People guitarist Andy Siara.

We made excellent time and promptly burnt it at a Portillo’s just outside of Chicago. Portillo’s is the metaphysical definition of “Chicago”. Greasy meat, cheese, and bread. When the Henry Clay People’s manager asked if they had a veggie dog, the manager rudely responded, in an unpleasant manner only befitting of a Chicagoan, “Yeah. Bun and condiments.”

Unpleasant staff aside, the food was a triumph of both culinary art and colonary destruction.