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Mouse on Si’mon Quey TONIGHT! Interwebs Radios!

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Forgive the short notice and press-release post, but I gots a busy day. I’m gonna be on internet radio tonight. Sarah Negahdari (The Happy Hollows) is the musical guest.

Si’mon Quey! This Wednesday’s guests will be Mouse creator of the blog Classical Geek Theater, Jesse the Celebrity Documentarian and performing live Sarah Negahdari from The Happy Hollows! Come listen to great music and conversation about life in LA and more! Si’mon Quey from 10pm-12am Wednesday on Only for the Open Minded.

Wednesday, April 7th
Mouse on Si’mon Quey!
1opm – 12am

Mouse on 10 Minutes With Andrew and JJ, Part II

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For my second appearance on Ten Minutes With Andrew and JJ I talk about going on Demolisten, Dennis Woodruff, and my sexy affair with my iPhone.

I had so much fun recording both episodes; these guys really bust their butts to make their show as good as it can be.


Mouse on 10 Minutes With Andrew and JJ, Part I

What say you?

I taped two episodes of Ten Minutes With Andrew and JJ a couple weeks ago. The first episode is up today. I talk about the start of CGT, Diamond Dave, and Robots.


Download Mouse on Demolisten!

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Hey guys, thanks to everyone who listened and tweeted last night when I guest co-hosted Demolisten on 88.9 KXLU. I thought it’d just be a neat thing to do and ended-up having an absolute blast. Fred Kiko ended-up coming in after all, but he was kind enough to yield his seat to little ol’ me.

There were a few great tracks sent to me that I didn’t get around to playing (a really terrific one from Ready the Jet comes to mind), so I’ll have those for next time.

Thanks once more to Octavius, Fred, and KXLU for having me, as well as to all the bands and singers who sent me stuff. DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST HERE.

Show setlist:

09.25.2009 Playlist

1. D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
2. Los Duggans “Rise up You Workers”
3. Dios “You’ll Get Yours”
4. Those Young Lions “That Truthful Temper”
5. Moses Campbell “And It’s Over 1”
Air Break
6. Final Spins “Down the Road”
7. Roman Candles “Show Me the Way to Go Home”
8. Insted “Vulnerable”
9. Nightmare Air “Shock of the New”
Air Break
10. The Ringers “13th Floor”
11. The Health Club “The 15th” (Wire cover)
12. The Happy Hollows “Faces”
Air Break
13. Double Dagger “Surrealist Composition with Your Face”
14. Human Host “Plastic Food”
15. The Meeting Places “Millions”
Air Break
16. The Underground Railroad to Candyland “Jimmy V”
17. Pom Pom “Fancy Dance”
18. Radars to the Sky “Selfish Kids”
Air Break
19. The Press Fire! “Hipster Crickets”
20. The Californian “Sea of Love”
21. Manicorn “Some Kind of Idiot”
22. Lanterns “Creation Myth”

CGT on Web In Front

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I have an end-of-year podcast on Web In Front today. Thanks, WIF!

Check It.